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The Undefiled

The Undefiled

The undefiled are those who walk in the law of the Lord after they are saved.  They will be blessed as they live holy lives unto Him.

Psalms 119:1 – Blessed are the undefiled in the way, who walk in the law of the Lord.


UNDEFILED, a. Not defiled; not polluted; not vitiated

VITIATED, pp. Depraved; rendered impure; rendered defective and void.

Webster’s 1828 Dictionary

A Defiled World

As we walk through this world as Christian’s, we can get pretty dirty or polluted quickly if we are not careful.  We need to be vigilant in our walk with the Lord.  A Christian needs to be pure to be holy.  You are holy as you walk and live in the law of the Lord.  The Lord Jesus Christ saved you and cleansed you with His blood.  Many of us lived vile, depraved lives before we were saved.  However, Christ purchased us with His own blood.  He made that which was defiled into something undefiled.  He also took something unclean and rendered pure.

A New Creature

When we got saved, we got a new life.  The Bible says we became a new creature.  The Lord allowed us to start over.  The Lord expects that once you start out on this journey of salvation that you will now try and keep His temple, your body, clean and holy.  He used the example of fornication.  He said if you take this body and make it a member of a harlot, you are sinning against the body.  You are defiling God’s property.  As a steward of your Christian life, you do not own but rather you are an overseer or manager of what God has entrusted you with.  You need to take care of what is not yours if you are going to please your master.

A Blessing of the Lord

The blessing of the Lord according to this verse comes from living a clean life.  You live a clean life by following the Bible.  Blessings are from God and not man.  In the way or path of this Christian life, we need to be ever vigilant we follow the law of God.  To do that effectively, you need to know your Bible.  To know your Bible you need to regularly read it, study it, meditate on it, and memorize it.  Thinking a good while on a passage like this will help you to live holy and see the blessings of the Lord.

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