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Thinking on the Lord

Psalms 19:14. Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in thy sight, O Lord, my strength, and my redeemer.

What Comes Out of the Mouth Reflects the Heart

You need to think and meditate on the Lord.  What comes out of your mouth often reflects what is in the heart. If you are going to have sweet, kind words, you need to put good words in your heart. Reading your Bible with the purpose of influencing your heart should be your goal. If you just read to get a certain amount done each day, that is probably not helping you a lot. You need to think about and muse on what you read. That is really the only thing that is acceptable in the sight of God.

Applying the Word of God to Your Life

As you read your Bible, try to apply what you learn to situations you are going though. Though it is important to have your Bible doctrine correct, that is not going to help your daily walk with God. I think at times people hide behind learning doctrine so they do not have to deal with the real issues and problems of life. I think God is okay with trying to get whatever you can out of the illustrations and examples in the Bible, even if they are not dispensationally applicable, so that they can be applied to what you are going through. Learning to apply the Bible to your daily life takes practice.

A Holy Life and Pure Thoughts are Necessary

If you are going to be acceptable in the sight of God, you have to live a holy life that honors the Lord. As you try to do this, though you may fall way short, you will find that God provides the strength you need to make it through life. We need to keep our thoughts pure, virtuous, holy, and right if we are to meditate on the things of God.  Thinking of wickedness is only going to slow your walk with the Lord.  When your thoughts start to drift, try to pull them back to godly thoughts.  As you become skilled in applying the Word of God to your life, you learn to bring scripture to bear on your problems.  This produces deep fellowship with the Lord. Think on the Lord today and let him produce acceptable meditation in your heart.

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