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Thinking Yourself Happy

Acts 26:2. I think myself happy, king Agrippa, because I shall answer for myself this day before thee touching all the things whereof I am accused of the Jews:

Thinking Yourself Happy

Paul thought himself happy.  Sometimes you have to push through life and just think yourself happy.  David encouraged himself in the Lord.  There is a time in the Christian life that you just have to muster through, move on and keep a good attitude without much, if any, encouragement.  I just want to maybe give a few ways to think yourself happy like Paul.

Get Your Thoughts Off of Self and Onto Christ

First, you have to get your thoughts off of yourself and put your thoughts on the Lord.  If you keep focusing on yourself, you are probably not going to find much to be happy about.  A life of sin and shame is not much with which to produce joy. If you think about what God has done for you in purchasing your soul, giving you eternal life, and making you as righteous as Jesus Christ, that will produce happiness. However, it takes time to muse on the Lord and it takes control of your thoughts to quit thinking about all your problems. There are few who will take time to think happy thoughts about the Lord.  Instead, the flesh wants to think sad thoughts about self.  Being thankful for what God has done for you will produce joy and happiness.

Get Your Thoughts Onto the Blessed Hope

Second, you have to think about your future.  If you think about the present, and focus on the present, you will likely get depressed.  Instead, we are told to look for the “blessed hope” of his glorious appearing in the future.  The blessed hope will make you happy if you think about it.  Future events, like heaven and the blessed hope, will get you down the road a long way.  Who doesn’t look forward to a vacation or a time of rest to get away from it all?  You can grow weary in well-doing pretty quickly.  Keeping your focus on the second coming of Christ will help you be a better Christian and improve your attitude.  It will produce joy.  Why not try to think yourself happy today like Paul.  Just get your thoughts off of you and try to fellowship with the Lord all day long.

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