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Tilling the Land

Tilling the Land

Tilling the land is necessary to prepare it in order to receive seed.

Proverbs 12:11 He that tilleth his land shall be satisfied with bread: but he that followeth vain persons is void of understanding.

Tilling the Land

Tilling the land is necessary to prepare it in order to receive seed.  It is hard work (or at least it used to be when you had to use oxen or mules).  There is satisfaction in a job well done. When a farmer eats the fruits of his own labor, it just tastes a little bit better.  We used to raise our own beef cows when I was growing up.  That beef is some of the best beef I have ever eaten.  It was good beef, but us raising it probably made it taste a little bit better.  The same is true of the Christian.  He works hard to please the Lord and there is satisfaction in living right.  It produces the bread in our life.  As we eat the spiritual Word of God every day, it helps us to grow.  It produces satisfaction in the soul.

Following the Vain

Following the vain person only produces destruction.  The vain is he who only thinks of himself.  Those who think only of themselves often are void of understanding.  They tend to constantly justify their wicked actions.  As a result, their logic often breaks down somewhere.  You talk to them and just scratch your head and wonder how they can think the things they do.  A vain person does not want top take the time required to dig into God’s Word and learn wisdom.  Instead they are constantly trying to figure out how to please their flesh.  This is a vain world.  It focuses on trying to sell us stuff we don’t need because we are so vain.  Real satisfaction only comes from a joy within produced by the Spirit of God.  Tilling the land of the heart produces a life of bread that satisfies the spiritually hungry soul.

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