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Psalms 104:13 He watereth the hills from his chambers: the earth is satisfied with the fruit of thy works.

Water is Important to God

Water is very important in God’s universe.  It was involved in the creation.  It was involved with judgment on the earth.  It is a part of all life.  Water is one of the primary ingredients to sustain life.  We would die without it.  The Bible itself is likened to water for its cleansing qualities.  Water is not really destroyed.  It is just recycled and used over and over again.  It goes up into the clouds, it comes down on the mountain, and flows toward the sea.  It has its limitations about how far it can go. 

Water is Likened to the Word of God

Water is involved in about everything on this earth.  Water represents cleansing.  If it is involved in nearly everything around, we should learn water’s lesson.  Water cleanses and keeps things clean.  We need to have a clean life.  It needs to be a priority.  Water is likened to the Word of God, also.  We need to let the Word of God wash our heart and minds so we can stay clean.  Just like water continues to be restored, we need to continually be restored by the Bible.  We need to let it keep us clean.  Don’t give into the flesh, let the water of the Word continually wash your minds.


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