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When People Are Afraid of a Spiritual Christian

1 Samuel 18:12 And Saul was afraid of David, because the Lord was with him, and was departed from Saul.

When People Are Afraid of a Spiritual Christian

Sometimes people get upset around a spiritual Christian.  Saul was actually afraid of David just because the Lord was with him.  The people who get the most upset with spiritual Christians are the ones who are backslide and the Lord has departed from them.  When I talk of a spiritual Christian, I am not talking of some super pious, holy than thou person who thinks they are God’s gift to man.  I am talking about someone who is a humble servant of the Lord, is filled with the Holy Ghost and walks with the Lord.  David was just that kind of Christian.  When he would walk into the room, it would likely seem kind of spooky because the presence of God was their.  It was kind of that way around Br. Earl Hughes at times.  He was a spiritual Christian.  People were kind of afraid of him at times if they did not have a walk with God.

They Don’t Have The Lord

The reason people are afraid of spiritual Christian’s is because the Lord has departed from them or they simply never had him.  In Saul’s case, at one time he had the spirit of God on him.  However, Saul made a couple of fleshly choices and soon lost God’s spirit.  God’s spirit was replaced by an evil spirit that was out to kill the man of God.  So called “Christians” can be some of the meanest people you ever meet.  The issue is they don’t have the spirit of God.  They are not born again or they have quenched God’s spirit to the point they don’t pay any attention to Him any more.  So don’t be surprised when someone has evil words in the church.  They are likely like Saul and the spirit has departed from them.  Pray for them that they can get a walk back with God and love them with fervent charity.

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