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Worthy of Notice – A Sinner Who Needs Love

Romans 5:8. But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.

Worthy of Notice

According to the Webster’s 1828 Dictionary, commend means “to represent as worthy of notice.”  God thought we were worthy of notice for his love, even when we were in sin.  God should not have even given us the time of day.  Jesus Christ died on the cruel cross of Calvary for sinners who deserved hell.  God’s love for us was not like typical worldly love we see in Hollywood.  That is a selfish love that only gives to get something in return.  God went after the worst of the worst, expecting nothing in return.  He gets the most glory from finding the choicest specimens in the gutters of sin.  God loves sinners.  We love those who love us back.

God Came Looking for You

We did not go looking for God, He came looking for us.  For all time and eternity, in heaven, our sin will be paid for and under the blood, never to be remembered again.  It is separated from God and heaven, as far as the east is from the west.  It is never going to get to heaven, it is gone.  The point I am trying to make today is just how much God loves you.

God’s Love is Unselfish

He does not love you with a conditional love like the world does.  The world will dump a friend or spouse at the first sign of trouble.  God is not that way.  He has an unselfish love.  Ephesians 5:28 tells us His love is unselfish, as should a husband’s love for his wife be unselfish, also. God does not have an ulterior motive in His love for us.  He is not trying to get something out of us, except for the pleasure of saving us.  Ultimately, He wants us to come to Him with our love, but He will still save you anyway.  That is illustrated in the nine lepers who did not return to give thanks, only one out of the ten did.

We Need to Emulate God’s Love

We need to emulate the love God had for us.  We need to seek sinners, unconditionally, as our Father does.  God gets burned more often than not when He saves someone.  Few return to give thanks.  Why should we expect less when we lead someone to the Lord?  There are, likely, going to be many in heaven who lived a selfish life and did not honor the Lord as much as they should have.  They did not take advantage of the new creature that God created in them.  Despite all that, God loves us even while we are yet sinners.  We did not need to clean up to come to Him.  And He still loves us just as much today.

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