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A Happy People

Psalms 144:15. Happy is that people, that is in such a case: yea, happy is that people, whose God is the Lord.

A Happy People

God’s people should be a happy people.  We should have joy in our lives.  That joy should come from the blessings that God puts in our lives, especially the spiritual blessings.  If you look at vs. 12-14 in chapter 144 of Psalms, you see the kinds of blessings that the child of God should be happy about.

The Blessing of Godly Sons and Daughters

The first blessing, according to vs 12, is having your sons and daughters grow up to be godly young men and women.  There is no greater joy for a Christian than to see one’s children walk in truth.  We need to invest in our children.  Many invest in worldly pleasure, but few will invest in the character of their children.  It is so important that young people develop a walk with God at an early age, hopefully, before the end of their teenage years.  Some might not get it until they are in their 20’s. A happy family will produce a happy people.

The Blessing of Food and Home

The second blessing, that produces a happy people, are garners that are full and homes that are blessed, according to vs. 13.  God blesses us with plenty to eat and takes care of our families.  We often have more than we need.  We need to make sure that as God blesses us, we do not let the blessings possess us.  We should not put physical things ahead of God.  Sometimes God may not bless with physical things.  Either way, we need to be content.

The Blessing of Safety and No Complaining

The third blessing is the safety the Lord gives us.  We should be happy for the protecting hand of the Lord.  We should not complain or gripe for what we don’t have.  God watches over us and provides our needs, day in and day out.  The Lord is good to us.  We should be a happy people.


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