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Slow Growth This Side of Heaven and Instant Knowlege on the Otherside of Heaven

Ephesians 4:13. Till we all come in the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God, unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of the fulness of Christ:

A Final Unity in Heaven

For the time being, we have to learn the things of Christ to grow as Christians.  In heaven, there will be a final unity.  Everyone will be brought up to the full stature of Christ.  We will be joint heirs with him.  We will have a body like unto his glorious body.  At that point, the only thing that will be left, from this side of heaven, will be the good works we have done for Christ, out of a right spirit and a right heart.  The gold, silver, and precious stone is all that will be left.  In heaven, we will be known to be like Christ.

Instant Knowledge the Other Side of Heaven

We will, also, have a perfect knowledge of the Son of God in heaven.  This side of heaven that knowledge is very clouded at times.  It is like looking through a dark glass.  Everything is obscured and this old man makes it hard to understand the plain truths of the Bible.  I have to admit it has taken many years to learn what should be simple truths of the Word of God.  Also, it is one thing to know something, it is another thing to live it.

Slow Growth This Side of Heaven

In some ways, I question God as to why we have to go through this “slow growth” process, and only get a fraction of the way there, before we get to heaven.  One loud trumpet sound and I will instantly be a “full-grown tree”, who is perfect.  It is like, why don’t we just get saved and “boom” we are in heaven.  It would be a lot easier.  But the answers are there in God’s word.  He wants us to go through this slow growth so that we can learn obedience in the flesh.  It is what truly pleases God.  He wants a people who “choose” to submit and grow in him, against the stream of the world.  That is what brings pleasure to God.  He is willing to put up with our humble attempts to live for him because slow growth brings pleasure to him.  In the end, He will fix everything up and make it right.  For now, it is slow growth.

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