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A Thankful Heart

1 Thessalonians 5:18 – In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.

Our hearts are to be filled with thankfulness, and our lips with praise. Our attitude here is to be that of praising men. ‘In everything give thanks;’ thanks unto the Father; to Him who has made us meet to be partakers of the inheritance of the saints in light. How much have we to praise Him for! Did we but rightly understand and interpret the events of life, even the darkest and the meanest, we should be continually singing a new song; finding, each hour, new materials for it. Let us live lives of praise. Let us do justice to the love and faithfulness and wisdom of our God. Let us not suppose it possible that He can wrong us, or be unkind, or even ungentle. Let us put away bad thoughts, and thrust out all suspicion. Let us learn His love in all its constancy, as well as in all its depths and heights. – Horatius Bonar – “Light and Truth”

As Chrsitians we need to have a thankful heart.  When we do not have thankfulness; it is because of a corrupt heart.  As Bonar says, we do not interpret the events of life properly.  We often do not see things in life the way God does.  We see the difficulties and hardships we go through as punishment from the hand of God.  Instead trials are often blessings.  It is really God being merciful to us and growing us into the image of His son.  If we had a right understanding we could sing and praise God each hour of everyday.  We cannot see  things the way God sees them at times.  If we never had bad thoughts about how God is unkind or urgentle; if we always looked at God as loving, faithful, just and wise; if we always had the thought that God always has our best interest at heart; we would be ever thankful and ever praising our God.

Those people that always seem to have the joy of the Lord do not get that by living perfect lives with no trials.  Instead, they likely live with trial and struggle beyond what you can imagine.  The difference is God has gotten them to the place they can fully trust Him.  That takes time.  That takes growth.  These joyous Chrsitians always believe God has their best interest at heart all day long, every day.  They also believe that God is working everything together for their good, even the “bad” things that have happened in their past.  Never believe for a moment that the Lord does not love you all the time and has your best at heart.  The wicked one puts those thoughts in your head.

A thankful heart starts with a right perspective of the Lord and trusting he always had your best at heart.  Giving thanks to the Lord will grow your faith and refresh your heart.  Try doing it on credit.  God loves a thankful heart.  Rejoice evermore as the Bible says.  You need a thankful heart.  It will strengthen you.  Nothing shows faith and trust more than a thankful heart.

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