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A True Love in Marriage

Ephesians 5:33 – Nevertheless let every one of you in particular so love his wife even as himself; and the wife see that she reverence her husband.

Keep up your conjugal love in a constant heat and vigour. Love will suppress wrath; you cannot have a bitter mind upon small provocations, against those that you dearly love;

Both husband and wife must mortify their pride and passion, which are the causes of impatiency; and must pray and labour for a humble, meek, and quiet spirit.

Remember still that you are both diseased persons, full of infirmities; and therefore expect the fruit of those infirmities in each other; and make not a strange matter of it, as if you had never known of it before.

Resolve therefore to bear with one another; as remembering that you took one another as sinful, frail, imperfect persons, and not as angels, or as blameless and perfect.

Richard Baxter – A Christian Directory

Having a true love in marriage is something that is going out of style.  Everyone is concerned about about pleasing their own flesh and desires.  If that is your motivation in life, you are going to have a rough time.  Marriage is a process of giving.  That is very difficult for some, but especially for young men.  Young men are most concerned about pleasing their own flesh.  Young ladies, that is why it is so important that you find a young man that has some character and is not stuck on himself.  You need to see him admit he is wrong once in a while and exhibits a selfless character.  If he does not do that when he is courting, he certainly will not do that with you when you get married.  A proud man is a dangerous man.

When a husband and wife get married, it is two diseased persons coming together that have all kinds of problems.  A true conjugal love will exhibit charity one with another. It will suppress pride and passion.  It will pray and labor for a humble, meek and quiet spirit when dealing with problems in a marriage.  When you get married, you are accepting each other as sinful, frail and imperfect.  Only the Spirit of God dwelling in you will keep up a true love in marriage.  If you don’t let Him work, you will sooner or later be headed for divorce court.  You will expect more than human flesh can deliver and will grow discontent with the one you have made an oath to.

So make sure you maintain a true love in marriage that will carry you through.  Trust in the Lord to carry you through.  He is the only answer to a good marriage.


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