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Making Up For Lost Time

Ephesians 5:15-16 – See then that ye walk circumspectly, not as fools, but as wise, Redeeming the time, because the days are evil.

“Making up for lost time” is a common phrase used when someone starts out on a journey, gets behind schedule and then needs to move faster to arrive at their destination on time.  As Christians, we are also told to redeem the time we have lost before or after we were saved.  We waste time as Christians when we make foolish decisions and end up taking detours.  Christian in “Pilgrims Progress” took many detours or made foolish decisions that slowed his journey to the Celestial City.  He often had to hurry up to get somewhere before night fall.  It would also hamper his spiritual growth.

We need to redeem or buy back lost time.  We do this as we quit make foolish decisions and start walking circumspectly to make wise decisions.  As you make more and more wise decisions, you can often get caught back up to where the Lord wants you to be.  The Lord is a forgiving and merciful God and will restore what the cankerworm or locust has eaten in our lives.  The one condition is repentance.  Until you are willing to admit you made a wrong turn down some dirt road that lead to no where, you will continue to travel down that round. You will get farther and farther from your destination.  If you travel too far down that road, you may never get back to where the Lord wanted you to be.

Because we live in evil times, it is even more important that we try to redeem the time.  This generation needs to see a godly heritage.  That will only happen as they see Christian’s grow in charity and love one for another.  If Evangelist or Faithful at times had not helped Christian with a good rebuke when he needed it, he may when have continued down a long trail and ended up destroyed like many who set out on that journey for the Celestial City.  We need good preaching and rebuke to stay right with God.  Try making up for lost time today.

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