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Are You a Different Breed?

2 Timothy 3:12. Yea, and all that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution.

Things are different now and it is not because times are better.  We are a weaker breed of Christians, who know little of the scandal of the cross.  A dedicated New Testament Christian will suffer scorn and opposition, will be an odd number, a stranger in the eyes of this godless generation… Vance Havner – Moments of Decision

Are You a Different Breed?

Are you a different breed of Christian?  Are you set aside to suffer persecution and live in the scandal of the cross?  Compared to those of the past; such as, the Puritans and other great stalwarts of the faith, we are a pretty weak breed of Christian in this day and age.  Godly living is becoming a thing of the past, especially when godly living involves being looked at as different and out of place.  You are just not going to fit in with this world when you have an honest walk with God.

A Godly Breed is Going to Suffer Opposition

There is not one breed of Christian that lives godly while suffering persecution and another breed of godly Christians who get along with this world and it never works against them.  This verse in Timothy makes it clear that all, not just some, shall suffer persecution if they are living godly. When you make the decision to live a sanctified life, you are going to go through some trials and troubles.  You can write it down, it is going to happen.  That is not the breed of Christianity most people want.  They want the sweet, smooth-sailing kind of Christianity where you can get along with the world and go to church on Sunday.  The godly are going to be strange and weird in the eyes of this godless generation.  There is not other way to live for Christ if you are going to be a different kind of breed.


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