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Man Cannot Save You

John 1:13 Which were born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God.

Your Parents Cannot Save You

When you are born again, it is not a decision that your parents can make for you.  It is a decision that you must personally make.  It is not of blood relations.  This is one of the biggest arguments against infant baptism providing salvation.  Infant baptism is a decision your parents make.  They cannot save you.  Salvation is, also, not according to the will of the flesh.  You cannot get saved by just thinking in your mind or by the flesh.  It is a work of the Spirit of God.  The Lord needs to move on a sinner and convict him of sin in order to be saved.

The Preacher Cannot Save You

The will of man cannot save you either.  A man of God cannot save you.  The preacher cannot save you. Only you can make the decision to come to Christ.  Since God is the author of salvation, He has to be the one involved in the conception of the seed of the Word of God in your heart.  There needs to be a moving of the Holy Ghost to move you toward salvation.  There also needs to be an acceptance by the individual to take the engrafted word into his heart.  You need both sides to have salvation.  God has to move toward the sinner and the sinner has to move toward God.  Have you been born again?  What are you trusting to get you to heaven?   Only the blood of Jesus Christ will save you. 


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