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Overlooking Problems Rather Than Losing Your Temper

Proverbs 12:16 A fool’s wrath is presently known: but a prudent man covereth shame.

Overlooking Problems Rather Than Losing Your Temper

When you see problems or get upset at certain situations, is your first response to get angry, or to try and overlook it?  When you are able to control your spirit and overlook a problem, that is covering shame.  When we act in a prudent manner, we are careful and calculating.  When someone is able to control their temper, it does not happen accidentally.  For the Christian that has trouble with their temper, the only way to really overcome the flesh is for the Spirit of God to have control of their spirit throughout the day.  If there is not an active control of the Holy Spirit on our life throughout the day, we will have our wrath known to others very quickly.

Preparing The Spirit So You Can Cover Your Shame

It is important that we have a time of devotions in the morning so we can prepare our spirit to overcome the flesh.  You can be a broken down city that does not have any walls or you can be a fortress with thick, impenetrable walls.  The man who walks in the flesh is the first; the man who walks in the Spirit is the second.  We need to put the Word of God in us every day to help get control of our spirit.  The water washes us and prepares us for the fight. This is prudence in helping us to cover up potential shame that could occur in our life when we lose our temper.  Let God’s Spirit have control of your heart and mind today.  Give it a good bath in God’s Word.  That is how you prepare the horse against the day of battle with the flesh.


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