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Are You Still in Diapers Spiritually

Ephesians 4:15. But speaking the truth in love, may grow up into him in all things, which is the head, even Christ:

Growth As a Christian is Your Main Job

As Christians, one of our main jobs is to grow up into Christ in all that we do.  That requires change.  We cannot just stagnate in our walk  as a Christian, and please God.  Eventually,  we will all be on the same “spiritual plane” when we get a “full” measure of the stature of Christ in heaven; but until then, we are commanded to grow, and get as close as possible to that, while we walk in this wicked flesh.  Working on your sanctification is something that has gone out of style in Christianity.  Church has become more entertainment and “learning some new thing” more than a place where we learn how to grow, and change, and be more like Christ.

Are You Still in Diapers Spritually

Christian growth is many faceted.  It says in this verse, we are to grow up into him, not just in some things, but all things.  Your Christianity needs to touch and affect all that you do.  You cannot be a Christian part time.  Your love for the brethren, for sinners, and for your family should be a tell-tale sign of your growth.  Growth implies that you progress from a child to an adult.  If you are still going to the bathroom in diapers, spiritually speaking, after being saved for 20 years, that is not growth.  You should be able to feed yourself the word of God and figure some things out on your own, if you have been saved that long.

Preparing for Heaven

We need to prepare for heaven as much as we can here on earth.  It is a whole lot harder to do that while living in this flesh.  That is how God designed it.  It defies all logic why God would want to do things that way, but I am not God.  God wants us to struggle in this life to grow.  It brings pleasure to him to see us do battle with this flesh each and every day.  The more we become like Him in the midst of adversity, the more we please Him.  Christian growth means you become more like Christ.  He sacrificed himself for others.  He gave himself. He left the majesty of heaven and took upon himself the form of human flesh to live a life of suffering.  If you are doing those things, you are growing as a Christian.


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