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1. It started in one place and spread until everyone on Earth was in danger. 2. It is invisible to the naked eye. You do not see it coming for you until it is too late. 3. Once inside it begins to do many hurtful things which bring pain and unhappiness. 4. It affects everyone in one way or another. 5. The…

AACS Nationals

While some may argue about its relative difficulty, AACS Nationals is definitely the most prestigious Bible Quiz of the year. Only one team from each state can compete at this year ending quiz hosted at Bob Jones University. This year Old Paths was proud to represent Pennsylvania in this competition and ranked 8th among the teams present.

Quizzing At SCQANIT

For those of you that are unfamiliar with Bible Quizzing there are 2 words that are essential for success. MEMORIZE and PRACTICE. Those were definitely employed with our Bible Quiz Team over the last several months. We are very happy with how well they did in the tournaments this week. Being that SCQANIT was the…

Quizzing At ODACS

Virginia Quiz On January 30th 2016, two elementary teams and one high school quizzing team from Old Paths went to an AACS style invitational quiz in Virginia. Elementary Team Out of a total of 8 elementary teams our team split into two teams took 1st and 2nd place. We are incredibly proud of the children’s…