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Beware of Dogs

Philippians 3:2. Beware of dogs, beware of evil workers, beware of the concision.

Beware of People in the Church

Paul wanted us to beware of certain kinds of people.  There were people who had crept into the Phillipian church who were trying to convince people that circumcision had something to do with being saved.  To beware means to “regard with caution”, according to the Webster’s 1828 Dictionary.  That means we need to be wary of certain types of people who come into the church.  There were three types of people we should beware of according to this verse.

Beware of Dogs

The first was to beware of dogs.  I am not sure Paul was talking about four-footed beast or people that acted like dogs in the church.  One of the definitions from the Webster’s 1828 Dictionary is, “a term of reproach or contempt given to a man.”  A dog acts just for himself.  Some dogs try to please their master, but, ultimately, they will do whatever it takes to make themselves happy.  I would say it is like the Christian who lives totally after the dictates of the flesh and not the spirit.  A dog can be friendly and draw you to himself and then later turn on its master.  We should beware of these type of Christians and stay away from the them.  

Beware of Evil Workers

The second was to beware of evil workers.  There are those who are hell-bent on doing wickedness.  There are those in the church who are just a thorn in its side.  They are sent by the devil just to wreak havoc in the church and tear it up.  Sometimes they are much more subtle and put on a good face to deceive many into thinking they are good when there is only evil in their hearts.  Evil workers can do much to destroy a local church and the pastor.  We need to keep a sharp eye out for evil workers and beware of them.

Beware of Works Salvation

The third was to beware of the concision.  The concision, according to the 1828 Dictionary, means the group of Jews who held to the belief that circumcision was still the seal of the covenant, not just the cutting off of flesh.  The concision today may not be a bunch of Jews, but is rather those who still look to themselves, in some way, to make it to heaven.  That is what most American “Christians” believe.  There are few who believe salvation is strictly by faith and faith alone.  We need to make sure we stay away from any type of false doctrines about salvation and from all the different cults and schisms in Christianity.


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