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Seeing Others Through God’s Eyes

Philippians 2:3. Let nothing be done through strife or vainglory; but in lowliness of mind let each esteem other better than themselves.

Wanting All the Credit

As we go about our day, we have decisions to make.  We can make those decisions in the flesh or we can make those decisions in the spirit.  When we make decisions in the flesh, there is often strife involved because of our pride.  We think that the only way something can be done is our way.  We cannot, or will not, listen to others.  Often, it is because we “want all the credit” for what we are doing.  That is vainglory.  You want the glory rather than give it back to God.  If you really believe that God should get all the glory, then you will not be worried about whether something is done your way.

Failing to Esteem Others Better Than Us

We often fail to esteem others better than ourselves, especially when we consider them inferior to our knowledge or status, whatever that may be.  The problem is that you should not look at others that way.  We all have experienced different circumstances in life that have brought us to where we are.  Some got saved in a Christian home and maybe don’t have as much “baggage” as others.  Some were saved later in life and have a boat load of “baggage”.  Others got saved but failed to live for God.  Some were not in a good church for many years.

Seeing Others Through God’s Eyes

We need to esteem, or look at, others through God’s eyes.  He sees sinners saved by grace, many trying to live for God, but just not getting it at times.  God is happy with those that are trying to live by grace and see their own frailties.  They may not be making as much headway as you think they should, but in God’s eyes, they may be doing just fine.  Why not look at them the way God does?  He is happy with the smoking flax and bruised reed.  Just a little bit of fire is better than none.  Your fire is probably not burning as hot as you think it is either.  Try to look at other Christians in a better light.  God just sees them through the blood of Christ, perfect in His sight.


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