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Getting Wisdom Shows You Care About Your Soul

Proverbs 19:8 He that getteth wisdom loveth his own soul: he that keepeth understanding shall find good.

Getting Wisdom

When you work to get wisdom from the word of God, you show that you love your soul.  Many people will work to improve the condition of their flesh, but few will spend the time to improve their soul.  The soul is the eternal part of our three-part make up.  It is the part that really matters.  When you invest in your soul, you are telling God your are more concerned about the eternal than the temporal.  Many only care about the here and now.  It is best to lay up treasures in heaven.  That kind of wealth cannot be destroyed.

Keeping Wisdom

We are not only to work at getting wisdom, we are to work at keeping it.  Many can memorize something, pass a test, and then soon forget it.  It takes work to keep it.  The best way to keep wisdom is by practical Christian living.  When you practice or use the wisdom you acquire, you are most likely to remain proficient at it.  Any skill will degrade with time if you don’t regularly practice it.  We need to live our Christian life in front of others.

Showing Wisdom

In the last days, the Bible says that people will have itching ears to hear some new doctrine.  They want to learn for the sake of getting knowledge, to show off to others how much they know.  That is not practical application of knowledge.  That is simply pride.  Do you care about your soul?  If so, make sure you get all the Bible wisdom you can, and then practice what you have learned.

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