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A Good Spirit in TIme of Need

Proverbs 18:14 The spirit of a man will sustain his infirmity; but a wounded spirit who can bear?

A Good Spirit in Time of Need

We need a good spirit, especially in a time of need.  It is very important that we maintain our sanctification as a Christian.  Having a good spirit will help you through some tough times.  If you don’t daily take care of your spirit, just as much as you shower, eat, and exercise your body, you will be in trouble when infirmity comes.  There is also a crossover between the spirit and the body.  When the spirit is right, it can improve the health of the body.  A good spirit has helped many a man or woman pull through bad sickness.  The same may be true in reverse, as well. Being in good health physically will enable the spiritual.  Bodily exercise does profit a little.  Getting enough rest, eating right, and exercise will help you to live for God and serve God better.

A Wounded Spirit in Time of Trouble

The opposite is true in the spiritual sense, as well.  When the spirit is wounded, it is hard to go on serving God.  Just like a physical wound to the body, like a bad cut, all focus is on healing that wound.  Everything else stops, so that the wound can be tended too, so it will heal properly.  Also, there is usually pain involved with a wound.  It can be hard to go on with life when someone is injured very badly in an accident.  The constant pain makes some people want to quit, often ending their life with suicide.

The Lord Can Heal a Wounded Spirit

The Lord can heal a wounded spirit and get you back to good spiritual health.  When our spirit is wounded, sometimes we want to quit on God.  We just want to be through it and walk away from the Lord.  In the end, however, we realize, like Peter, who else could we go to.  We have no other option.  That brings us back to the Lord.  Slowly, the Lord nurtures us back to health and heals our wounded spirit.  At that point, we can start to bear the troubles and trials of life again.  We need to make sure we have a good spirit at all times and maintain our walk with the Lord everyday.  You never know when a tough time will come and you will need your spirit to be strong.

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