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God’s Currency Exchange

2 Corinthians 9:6 – But this I say, He which soweth sparingly shall reap also sparingly; and he which soweth bountifully shall reap also bountifully.

The question is “What do I reap if I sow?”  The normal carnal Christian mentality is if I sow carnal things I will reap carnal things.  But if you read through 2 Corinthinans 9, you pretty quickly figure out that this is a currency exchange.  If you sow carnal things, you reap spiritual things.  The exact opposite is true of the man of God.  He sows spiritual things and reaps carnal things.  It is God’s Currency Exchange.  Really that is what the whole Christian life is built upon.  We exchange our physical life for treasure laid up in heaven. We exchange the carnal for the spiritual.

In any currency exchange, you determine an exchange rate, or what the two currencies are worth relative to each other.  For example, one U.S. Dollar is worth about 66.24 Indian Rupee today.  The exchange rate is often determined based on markets or what someone is willing to pay for a currency.  The market is usually driven by what each currency can buy in goods.  The underlying economic conditions and how the two nations are favored or not favored come into play.  The stability or creditworthiness of the nations is also a factor.

The same is true in a spiritual sense.  We are exchanging Life Dollars for Heavenly Shekels.  There is also how we perceive the underlying economic conditions of the world and heaven.  If we see the world as more favorable, then we will value Lofe Dollars.  We determine the value of our carnal life by how much we are willing to give up in exchange for rewards in heaven, spiritual blessings in this life, love, joy, peace and other things that are of eternal value.  If you don’t value the things of heaven as much as the things of earth, your exchange rate is pretty low and you will not pay much in Life Dollars for Heavenly Shekels.  If you value spiritual blessings in this life including a walk with God, the love of God shed abroad in your heart, seeing souls saved, etc.; then you will pay a lot in Life Dollars for Heavenly Shekels.

So, are you willing to invest in the things of God with not just your money but your own self?  Do you value Heavenly Shekels above Life Dollars.  What is your exchange rate today?

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