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Grace and Truth

John 1:14. And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, (and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father,) full of grace and truth.

Grace and Truth

Jesus was full of grace and truth.  He spoke the truth, but did so with grace with those who had a right heart.  John said that they beheld his glory.  They saw Christ for who He truly was, the Son of God.  The only way to see the Father is to behold the Son.  Christ dwelt among men and women just like you and me.  He took upon himself the form of a  servant and was made of flesh and bone.  He had aches and pains just like you and me.  He was tempted in all the same ways; He just did not have any sin.  We should be full of grace and truth in all that we do every day.

Requirement of the Filling

If you are going to have grace and truth, you need to be filled with God’s Spirit.  Living a spirit-filled life requires living a holy life.  That is going to take some resolve and purpose.  When we come to God by faith, we trust Him to fill us with His Spirit each day to enable us to walk holy.  The Father wants us to please Him.  We were created in order to bring God pleasure.  When Christ is lived in you, you will have grace and truth filling your life as well.  You will live an honest life.  You will have grace on others as your father had with you.

Grace and Truth are Not Cheap

It is not always easy to have grace with others, especially when they grate against us.  That is the time we need to have grace the most.  The truth of God’s Word will help to you to overcome selfishness and allow you to begin to serve others.  It is going to always cost you something to have grace with others, just like it cost Christ.  Grace may be given to us by God or others, but it is not cheap.  It always cost someone.  It will cost you something to have grace.  You will need to give up your pride.  Are you going to be full of grace and truth?


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