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Nothing Compares to the Free Gift of Salvation

Ephesians 2:7. That in the ages to come he might shew the exceeding riches of his grace in his kindness toward us through Christ Jesus.

The Ages to Come

The ages to come are going to be a special time.  We will be with Jesus and living in a holy, perfect, sinless environment.  God wants to show off his saints and he does that by showing off his grace he had on sinners.  There is going to be nothing in heaven that you and I will ever be able to brag about or say.  We won’t be able to say we got there by some great act or by being a good Christian.  The only thing we will ever have to show is God’s grace in saving us. He decided to show you kindness, when you did not deserve it.

You Were Not Looking for God

He gave you a home in heaven and showed you grace.  You were not looking for God, he was looking for you.  Some of you who were raised in a Christian home should count that a privilege.  That was just God showing you a little extra grace and kindness through Christ Jesus.  You need to always keep in mind how your salvation happened.  It was not you, it was all Christ.  If you start to get proud, always go back to Calvary.  It is just God’s grace.

Nothing Compares to the Free Gift of Salvation

You may earn a crown or two after being saved, that the Lord would give you.  That is nothing compared to the free gift of salvation.  The gift of salvation is not something you should be ashamed of.  It is the greatest thing that God will ever show off in heaven.  The angels will look in on it and wonder.  We take salvation lightly at times, on this side of heaven, but on that side it will be great because it will always point to Jesus Christ.  Thank God today for the exceeding riches of his grace he has given to you.

Photo by Nick Kenrick.


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