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How Little We Know

How Little We Know

How little we know about God is shown by the fact that our life is spent just trying to touch the hem of His garment just to look through a dark glass to get a glimpse.

Job 26:14 Lo, these are parts of his ways: but how little a portion is heard of him? but the thunder of his power who can understand?

Your dark side is broader than your light side. Your ignorance is more than your knowledge. Your knowledge is but candle-light; your ignorance as the Cimmerian darkness. Job 26:14 “How little a portion is known of God?” The Septuagint renders it, “How little a drop!” To imagine that we can comprehend the Deity, is as if we should think that we can measure the skies. Christians, the greatest part of your knowledge is not as much, as the least part of your ignorance. This may demolish all proud imaginations. You have no cause to be conceited of the knowledge you have—but rather to be humbled for what you lack! – The Duty of Self Denial. – Thomas Watson

How Little We Know

How little we know about God is shown by the fact that our life is spent just trying to touch the hem of His garment.  We just look through a dark glass to get a glimpse of heavenly knowledge.  Our ignorance of God is a lot more than our knowledge of God this side of heaven.  We should be humbled by the fact we know so little about God.  I know you think you are some great Bible scholar.  You tell everyone how much you know about some subject related to Christianity.  But do you know God?  Are you truly acquainted with Him.  When we step into eternity, it is sure we will know more about Him in an instant.  You might say, “Why waste my time learning about him on this side of heaven if I will have a near perfect knowledge when I step into heaven?”  The answer is God wants us to spend the time of our sojourning here learning all we can about him when we are still doing it by faith.  That truly pleases him.

The Least of Our Ignorance

The least of our ignorance is still more than the greatest of our knowledge according to Watson.  Just that one thing we cannot understand about God is still bigger than the one thing we likely truly understand.  We will never run out of things to learn about God in this life.  In the life to come I am not sure how much we will know (that shows some more of MY ignorance).  We really know very little about the other side.  If you read your Bible openly and honestly, you will always be learning new things.  If it ceases to be fresh to you, you are likely getting proud and don’t want to learn more.  Just admit your ignorance and trust God by faith to show you more and more of himself.  He wants to reveal himself to us.  We just need a humble spirit.  How little do we truly know about God.

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