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Is There Substance and Evidence of Your Salvation?

Hebrews 11:1. Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

Faith Has Substance

Faith has substance.  Faith needs to be placed in the right things, however.  When we put faith in man, we are going to be disappointed.  Our faith first needs to be placed in the Lord Jesus Christ.  When we put our faith in Him alone for salvation, we can start to see evidence of a new life, a changed life.  One of the sure signs of being saved is old things pass away and new things start to take over.  That is the evidence of faith, the evidence of salvation.

Evidence in a Court of Law

If you are on trial in a court of law, the prosecuting attorney needs to present various kinds of evidence in order to try and prove your guilt.  The defense attorney tries to present evidence to the contrary.  One side or the other will likely have more evidence than the other.  The amount and pervasiveness of the evidence is based on the facts, whether it be guilty or innocent.

Evidence of Things Not Seen Like the Heart

The same should be true of your Christian life.  There should be a large amount of evidence in your life that should convince the world and yourself of your faith.  There needs to be substance.  That substance will produce hope of heaven and a confidence of the Holy Ghost in your life.  The evidence that is most important are the things that are not seen, like a changed heart.  You can produce outward change without an inward change.  It is with the heart that a man or woman believes unto righteousness.  The heart is not seen but the evidence it produces is often seen of others.

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