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Keep Out Private Property

1 Corinthians 6:19 – What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own?

Remember that God is your Lord or Owner: and see that you make an absolute resignation of yourselves, and all that you have, to him as his own; and use yourselves and all accordingly; trust him with his own; and rest in his disposals.

The Christian Directory – Richard Baxter

When you got saved and surrendered your life, God took possession of your soul.  You are no longer your own man.  A sign has been placed on your soul that should say “Keep Out Private Property.”  You are God’s private property to do with as He pleases.  To start with, the body you have is now a temple or dwelling place for God’s Spirit to live.  God needs a clean and holy place to reside in.  Using your body for fornication is not something God wants you doing with His body.  There are also many other works of the flesh He does not want you doing with His body.  When you start doing what you want with something that does not belong to you, that is called stealing or theft.  Have you stolen God’s body lately and taken it for a “joy ride?”

Since God owns us, we can trust him to take care of what is His.  If we respect His property, he will take care of His own.  We love Him because of the fact that He purchased a worthless, lost sinner.  We need to always trust that He has our best interest at heart.  We can’t take back control of our life when we think God has lost control.  A rock solid faith will always wait patiently for the Lord and remain silent while waiting on God.  You cannot sin your way out of troubles.  Abraham got caught down in Egypt once and was afraid he was going to lose his wife.  He just told one little lie and it got him in worse trouble.

We need to just let God remain in control at all times.  We are not our own.  We were bought with the price of the precious blood of Christ.  Glorify God with His body and His life.  “Keep Out Private Property.”

Photo by Dru Bloomfield – At Home in Scottsdale


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