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Lightly Esteeming the Providence of God

Psalms 57:2. I will cry unto God most high; unto God that performeth all things for me.

Lightly Esteeming the Providence of God

The Lord’s providence in our lives is something we should not esteem lightly.  He guides and directs in our lives each and every day.  The Lord brings things about in our lives in mysterious ways at times, that we cannot always tell that it is the hand of God.  He brings people across our paths. He orchestrates the events that happen.  For the Christian, who is living for God, all things are working for good in his life.  The good and bad all have a purpose.  We often look at the things that happen as chance events.  Sometimes we fail to recognize the hand of God. 

Reflect on What God Has Done

God wants us to reflect, at times, on what He has done in our lives.  David did this regularly throughout the Psalms.  We need to recognize and think about how God has providentially allowed circumstances and events in our lives, not just in the past, but each and every day.  Can you identify something God did today in your life?  Did He move in a way to bring things to pass that allowed His will to be accomplished?  That is the providence of God.  You need to thank God for how He moves in your life.  He is not doing that for the heathen, except maybe to bring judgment.

Don’t Get Frustrated With God’s Plan

God can cause events to happen in such a way that there are many steps that needed to happen to produce the desired outcome.  He can provide protection for us.  He put a hedge around Job.  He blessed him as well.  God can produce desires in people’s hearts to move them in the direction He desires.  God can then orchestrate events in our lives by such means.  God cares about us way more than we often realize.  He is constantly bringing things to pass to produce the results He desires in our lives.  We just need to let Him work and trust Him.  The bottom line is, we should not get frustrated with the things that happen to us in life.  We should just trust that God always has a purpose for what he does.  That is where real faith comes into play.

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