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Minding Your Own Walk

John 21:22 – Jesus saith unto him, If I will that he tarry till I come, what is that to thee? follow thou me.

Mind Your Own Business

We often hear people say, “Why don’t you mind your own business.”  Jesus is saying to Peter, you need to be more concerned about your own walk with God than about John’s.  It is human nature to be busybodies in other men’s matters.  This is especially true with family. But just because it is natural does not make it right. There is a fine line between helping someone and running their life.

You Can Only “Fix” Yourself

The main principle Christ is trying to teach is that you should not be worried about other people’s walk with the Lord.  The bottom line is that there is only one person you can control the actions of, and that is you.  You cannot “fix” other people. The Holy Ghost is really the only one who can overcome the stubborn will in our lives, especially when we are pretty stubborn.  Wife, you can’t fix your husband and husband, you can’t fix your wife.  You just maintain your own walk and encourage each other to live for the Lord.

Fixate On Your Own Walk With God

The best thing Peter could have done was not to worry about John’s walk and fixate on his own.  He was just concerned that John might have something better than he got and was obviously jealous.  God knows where you are at and does not expect you to be a John when you are a bumbling Peter.  You have to look inward to grow.  We must examine ourselves daily and try to fix our problems as we let the Holy Ghost gain more and more control, through the washing of the water by the Word of God. Growth is a process that takes time.  A boy that grows six inches overnight would be a great concern.  A boy grows little by little with food, rest, and exercise.  So does a Christian as Dr. Havner would say.


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