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Looking at Yourself Objectively

Proverbs 18:17  He that is first in his own cause seemeth just; but his neighbour cometh and searcheth him.

Justifying Your Actions

We always tend to justify our own actions in matters of life.  A lot of it is due to pride.  We rarely tend to look at what we are saying objectively like someone else would. However, a Christian, due to his split personality (old man / new man), has the unique ability to do this.  The new man can step back and take a look at what the old man is trying to justify as right, and say, “No, that is not right.  No, that does not line up with what the Bible says.”  It also helps to have a neighbor come and search you out. A humble person will seek the counsel of a godly Christian or listen to a rebuke openly.

Look at Yourself Objectively

We need to look at ourselves objectively if we are going to grow.  That means we need to apply God’s Word to our situation.  If you are quick to justify every action you do and you always have an excuse or blame for others when things go wrong, that is being first in your own cause.  You have to come out on top and others on the bottom.  The big kids in the family blame the little kids until the last one has no one to blame but the dog (he is in trouble if he doesn’t have a dog).  Quit trying to blame others for your decisions and actions.  It is not helping you.  That is not looking at yourself objectively.

Let the Holy Ghost Speak to You

The same is true of preaching.  When you start to shovel preaching off on others and fail to see yourself in need of what the Word of God is saying, you are trying to make yourself first in a cause.  Look at yourself objectively as the Word is being preached.  Put yourself in the middle of what is being said and apply it to yourself.  You need the help.  Your conscience can be a neighbor that can search you out.  Let the Holy Ghost convict you.  Try not to make yourself first in everything.  You don’t need to always be the center of attention and come out on top.


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