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What Are You Doing With the Bible Wisdom You Have?

Proverbs 17:16. Wherefore is there a price in the hand of a fool to get wisdom, seeing he hath no heart to it?

What is Bible Wisdom Worth

What is Bible wisdom worth to you?  A fool does not value true Bible wisdom.  He may value the wisdom of this world, get a college education, make a buck and get ahead; but he does not value the things of God.  This is obvious when you talk to people.  They don’t have two seconds to talk about God, or the Bible.  It is offensive to them.  The reason is simple.  They have no heart for it.  Their heart is given over to the things of this world.  The heart can be easily deceived into thinking the wisdom of this world is more valuable than the wisdom of God.

Do You Use Bible Wisdom Right

The question of this verse is why would a fool pay for wisdom when he has no intention of ever using it?  He has the money in hand to get it, he just has no desire to use it to grow.  Christians can be that way at times.  We get wisdom from preaching and reading our Bible, however, we don’t have the heart or desire to change.  It is called itching ears syndrome. You have a desire to get all this Bible knowledge so you can show everyone what you know, yet you do not apply it to your life.  Or you get a bunch of Bible wisdom that has no practical application to your life.  The only value of the wisdom is so you can show everyone else what you know.  That is just pride.

What Are You Doing With Bible Wisdom

So what are you doing with the wisdom God gives you from His Word?  Are you applying it to your heart or are you using it for vain pursuits, like the fool?  I hope you are using it to grow and change your vile heart.  I hope you are not like the fool and don’t have any desire to change.  It is so important as we come to church, that we come with a desire not just to hear and learn, but a desire to let God change us.  That is where the heart comes into play.  Do you really want to please God or are you just putting on a religious show?


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