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Obeying From the Heart or Obeying For a Selfish Motive

1 Timothy 1:5. Now the end of the commandment is charity out of a pure heart, and of a good conscience, and of faith unfeigned:

Obedience from the Heart – It is Not Just Obeying Rules

The end of the story for the Christian should not be just living a life that followed the letter of the law in the commandments.  It should be a life lived with a pure heart.  You cannot please God just by obeying a bunch of rules.  Jehu followed God and was blessed of the Lord, but in the end he failed to keep his heart right and it destroyed him. When you just follow a bunch of rules and commandments out of a selfish end, you will end up destroyed just like Jehu.  If you only do good to bring glory to yourself, it will not last.  Obedience has to work from the inside out.  You need to obey from the heart that form of doctrine that is taught.  When you obey from the head, you only puff up the head and your ego.

God’s Laws are Not Always Logical – We Just Need to Obey by Faith

There has to be faith and a good conscience involved in your obedience.  At times, the commandments of God are going to go against logic and flesh.  They will not make sense to you.  You just have to believe the word and do them.  You try to bring your heart and mind in line with the Lord’s heart and mind.  You obey because you just know it is right.  You do not have an ulterior motive, you just want to please the one who saved you, even if he does not reward you.  That is obedience that comes from charity and a pure heart.  Do you obey from the heart or do you obey for a selfish motive?

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