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Our Guide in Life

Psalms 48:14  For this God is our God for ever and ever: he will be our guide even unto death.

We need a guide in this life.  Some use their own intellect.  Others use what the television tells them.  Many trust in a professor or teacher in school.  In the end, they will all fail if they are not based on the Lord and His Word.  Who and what is guiding you today?  Many say that they are trusting the Lord to guide them, but in the end, there is little evidence this is happening in their lives when they make decisions contrary to the Word of God.

My pastor often says, “you would agree with my preaching more if you read your Bible and believed it.”  The problem is the average American knows their favorite radio talk show host or evening newscaster more than they know the Word of God.  Many of them get beliefs that they pick up along the way, and because they do not read their Bible, they do not know their beliefs are wrong.

There is no better protection against a counterfeit than knowing the real thing.  When they teach a bank teller to recognize a counterfeit bill, they teach them what the real thing is, not what a counterfeit looks like.  By reading your Bible on a regular basis, you will become familiar with it and will soon be able to detect wrong.  Reading your Bible regularly, exercises your senses so they are on high alert for the detection of right and wrong (Heb 5:14).

Let the Lord be your guide from birth until death.  He will not lead you wrong.  Know the Bible and let the Lord guide you through the Word each and every day.  As you read your Bible, let it speak to you and convict you of sin.  Let the Word of God change you.  A practical Christianity is far better than one built only on knowing a lot of facts about the Bible.  If the Word is going to guide you; it must, on a regular basis, change the direction you are heading.  A true Christian repents often and regular.  A guide is like a train track that controls the direction of the train.  Naturally, the train would want to go any direction it could except straight.  The direction our flesh wants to take us is always crooked.  We need the guidance of the Lord, until death, to keep us going straight.

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