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Psalms 150:6. Let every thing that hath breath praise the Lord. Praise ye the Lord.

Praise – The expression of gratitude for personal favors conferred; a glorifying or extolling. – Webster’s 1828 Dictionary

Praise for the Lord

Praise for the Lord is something that should be in every Christian’s heart and mouth.  Everything that breathes God’s air should have praise for the Lord.   Do you show the Lord your gratitude for the salvation he gave you?  Do you glorify and extol Him?  We need to lift the Lord up high as we think of Him.  The Lord is worthy of our praise.  You need to exalt the Lord, He does not need to exalt us.

Praise Requires Humility

Praise requires humility.  You must lower yourself in order to exalt another.  Do you bring yourself down to a low level in your heart and mind.  It is necessary if you are going to praise God.  A proud person does not want to give praise to God.  As we humble ourselves, the Lord can begin to show us that we don’t deserve any blessing that we have received.

Praise is for All

Praise is not something that should be limited to just a few in the church.  It should be everyone who praises Him.  When we limit praise to the Lord in song and testimonies, we limit what God can do in us.  Everything that breathes should praise God.  Continue to let the Lord work in your mind.

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