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Subtilty to the Simple

Proverbs 1:4. To give subtilty to the simple, to the young man knowledge and discretion.

Subtilty to the Simple

The Word of God will make a wise man or woman of anyone.  It can give subtilty to the simple.  Simple can be singleness or weak in intellect.  Though someone may not have worldly wisdom, yet they can possess true wisdom from the Word of God.  The Bible can make you wise and cunning.  It can give you knowledge.  It can help you to have discretion to make wise decisions, even when people, educated well beyond you, cannot figure it out.  You don’t have to be smart to have a walk with God.  The Bible says not many wise in this world’s wisdom will come to the Lord.

God’s Wisdom Rather Than Worldly Wisdom

It is far more important to have God’s wisdom than the wisdom of this world.  That does not mean you should be lazy and not study the Word of God.  It just means you need to focus on what is important in life.  If you spend your whole life studying to be a brain surgeon and at the same time you are very weak on your Bible knowledge, and application of that knowledge, I would say you have a wrong balance.  If you are smart enough to do brain surgery, you are smart enough to know God’s commands.

Let the Word Penetrate Your Heart

If you let God’s word penetrate your heart, you can be wise as a serpent and harmless as a dove in decisions you make.  It would be better to be simple and have a knowledge of God than to be smart and deny God.  This world values education very highly.  God values Bible wisdom highly.  How well do you know your Bible?  Has it given you wisdom and discretion in all your decisions?  Let the Word of God work through you today.

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