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The Correct Order

Colossians 1:15. Who is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn of every creature:

Jesus Christ is the image or face of God.  Without God, taking on the form of human flesh, we should not be able to know the Son of God.  He is the firstborn of not just man, but of every creature.  That is because all life comes from God.  Without God, there is no life.  We can look for life on other planets, in hope of trying to disprove there is a God; but ultimately, the evolutionist is going to figure out in the end, all life comes from God.  He is the origin of life, not carbon.

God’s image is throughout creation, but especially in man.  Man is special.  He was created in the very image of God himself.  These animal rights activists who say that a dog, cat, gorilla, or lion has just as much importance as a human are wrong.  God is the supreme creature.  All other animals were created to be under the dominion of man.  When that order is messed up, and people start to treat animals better than other human beings, or replace human relationships with animals, something is out of order with God’s dominion.

The correct order is always the Godhead first, man next, animals last.  If you keep it in that order, you are using God’s order.  Also, God made them male and female for a reason.  He has an order to everything.  Thank God the Lord provided His image for us in the Lord Jesus Christ.  Christ died on the cross so that we could be born again after his first birth.  He was the second Adam who was created perfect and has allowed those of us who are born again to enter heaven.  One day we will be completely after His image, in a new, glorified body, on the other side.


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