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The Desire of the Humble

Psalms 10:17. Lord, thou hast heard the desire of the humble: thou wilt prepare their heart, thou wilt cause thine ear to hear:

The Desire of the Humble

The Lord hears the desires and wants of the humble spirit.  When we are proud, the Lord will not hear our prayers or desires.  We need to put self last in all that we do.  Thinking that we have accomplished anything in the Lord is utter stupidity.  God saved your soul from hell.  You did not go looking for Him, He came looking for you.  You did not earn salvation, He gave it to you.  He gives you the air you breath and the food you eat.  You have nothing that you can offer Him.  Why not just have a humble spirit so God can do something with you?

Preparation of the Heart

When we humble down and realize we are nothing, God can then begin to till the heart and prepare it for the seed of the Word of God.  When the heart is prepared, the ear will hear.  That is the attitude you should have when you go to the house of God.  You should humble yourself, let God prepare your heart, and then the preaching of God’s Word will reach your heart so you can change and grow.  You can hear but not hear.  Jesus referred to it as having dull hearing.  You can sit through a church service, every word enters your ear, but in the end you get nothing.  That is because you are proud, and as a result, your heart is not ready.

Hearing the Word of God

It is so important, as we read and study God’s Word, that our hearts are ready to receive the engrafted word and to let it knit into our being.  When we begin to do this, God will start to answer our prayers.  That is because they will be prayers that are in line with His will and not our own will.  Your desires will change and be more like the Lord’s.  You will want to see people saved and have a desire for that.  You will want to see growth in your life and your family’s life. You will want your church to have revival.  How are you doing today?

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