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When Mercy and Truth Meet

Psalms 85:10. Mercy and truth are met together; righteousness and peace have kissed each other.

Mercy and Truth

Mercy and truth, righteousness and peace can dwell together.  There is a balance in the Christian life.  God is a good of holiness and a God of mercy at the same time.  He can reconcile things in His mind.  We need to be the same way.  We should be able to deal with truth in life, as ugly as it may get at times, and still have mercy with our family and friends.  The best way to make that happen is realize that we do not have our own righteousness.  We only have Christ’s.  Since we do not have a righteousness that we created or earned, we should not worry about defending ourselves.

A Meeting and Intense Fellowship

There has to be a meeting that occurs between mercy and truth.  They need to work things out and make things happen.  In relationships, there has to be discussion, there has to be fellowship to work through things.  The truths of life and sin from the past can cause issues.  Often much mercy and charity is required to forgive and remove bitterness from the heart.  Righteousness and peace need to make up with each.  When a husband and wife make things right after some “intense fellowship” (i.e a fight), a kiss is necessary to show forgiveness.  The same is true of righteousness and peace.

Forgiveness Produced at Calvary

Forgiveness is so important to the Christian life.  It is what Christ died on the cross to do.  Forgiveness is produce at Calvary.  When we do not have forgiveness, we do not have the spirit of Christ.  Why not let God’s love work through you and let mercy and truth make up with each other in your life.  Life definitely has some struggles.  Until we let the righteousness that Christ gave us work out in our lives, we will not be able to have peace in our hearts.  Peace only comes when we have the fruit of the spirit working in our lives.  Longsuffering is one of the fruits that will help produce peace.  It will only happen when Christ has control.


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